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CoCoCo Library -- Meditation and the Near-Death Experience


Tue 12 / 12 / 2023
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM


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Since the 1980's when near death experiences became part of the public consciousness, they have held endless attraction for people. Why do they resonate so powerfully within us?
Join Dr. Raider, hear the latest medical research and discover a simple, natural way to connect with the inner light talked about by those who've experienced a NDE. Through a simple time-honored method of meditation, you too can explore those realms of peace within you. Dr. Raider draws parallels between near-death experiences and those had by people who meditated throughout the ages, coming from all backgrounds, in all countries and all faith traditions. He then gives the audience an opportunity to learn a simple meditation technique that can enable them to experience the peace and the Light that people who have had NDEs talk about.
To register and for more information about Dr. Raider, see the CoCoCo Library webpage:
Meditation and the Near-Death Experience, Dec 12, 2023
A Live Well Program of the Contra Costa County Library